CHEF Emulsionizer Premium

CHEF Emulsionizer Premium


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Emulsionizer is a special emulsifier tool to make gastronomic emulsions like soups, sauces, vinaigrettes, leftover food processing, plant milks, baby food, etc.

It consists of:

  • Screwable stainless-steel filter with detachable wooden handle
  • 3 interchangeable stainless steel disc (blind; 0,3mm; 0,5mm),
  • Wooden mortar
  • Borosilicate heat resistant jar with bamboo lid
  • Detachable funnel
  • Zero waste brush
  • Protective suitcase
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EMULSIONIZER® is perfect to prepare all types of gastronomic emulsions, including those made from waste or residues that we would normally throw away and that Emulsionizer® is capable of transforming into delicious emulsions. Among others:

Thanks to Emulsionizer patent system we can easily transform food scraps into delicious dishes; extracting the essence of roots, herbs and seeds; soups, vinaigrettes and sauces; thickening stews and expanding flavors, baby and baby food, coffee blends, etc.

Emulsion Filter Seeds

Versatility: The EMULSIONIZER® filter can be used in any cooking vessel. Using a taller, narrower container favors filtering. The water should always cover the ingredients used. We can also add the raw materials little by little as we emulsify with the hand blender.

DATA-SHEET: The steel filter (AISI 304) and mortar (wood from sustainable certified European forests), are manufactured with the best materials on the market and are free of toxic components harmful to health.

DISCS: The changeable discs are made of AISI 304 steel. Depending on which disc is used, the emulsions will be thicker or thinner. The thicker the 0.5mm disc, the thicker the 0.3mm disc, and the thinner the “blind” (non-perforated) disc.

HOT WATER: The maximum recommended temperature is 100º (Celsius). It can be used in any stew we are cooking even if it is boiling.

HAND BLENDER: EMULSIONIZER® works with any domestic hand mixer.



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