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The Zero Waste Kitchen Hero

Together vith the hand blender Emulsionizer is the only kitchen tool specialized in gastronomic emulsions:

  • Process leftover food into premium dishes.
  • Roots, herbs & seeds essence extraction.
  • Soups, Vinaigrettes & Sauces.
  • Baby food & Plant Milk.
  • Stew thickening & flavor expansion.
  • Coffee combinations.

Get the most of any ingredient!

Never in history has food been thrown away in the senseless and heartbreaking way that it is in the XXI century.

Our grandparents & great-grandparents knew the meaning of hunger, they were true artists when it came to recycling leftovers into creative tasty dishes. The Zero Waste Kitchen was simply their day-to-day reality.

Emulsionizer® is dedicated to those Grandparents, the true queens & kings of Zero Waste Cooking.