Soup from Scraps:

1- Make a fish soup or bouillon as you normally would by boiling vegetables and fish/shellfish scraps (like bones, heads, etc.)

2- Take another saucepan and add water. Place your Emulsionizer® into the water .

3- Place the top part of the funnel on top of the Emulsionizer® (watch video).

4- Filter your stock, collect the fish scrap & veg leftovers (that you would normally throw away) and put them into the Emulsionizer®.

5- Blend with the hand-blender with a up & down and circular movement.

6- You may need to repeat this process several times depending on the amount of leftovers. These successive emulsions will concentrate the flavor & consistency of the broth.

7- “Zero Waste Broth” is ready! You can use it to make soups, creams, purees, sauces, etc. We highly recommend that you cook your pasta, rice or paella using this broth instead of water.

chef making soup with emulsionizer

8- Use the mortar to squeeze out the goodness from the remaining pulp then remove the “leftover cookie” that you can use raw or dehydrated in all sorts of creative ways. Even your pets will absolutely love it!