Pour in the Emulsionizer® GLASS JAR any clear and light liquid like: water, wine, vinegar, any light oils (avoid thick ones like olive oil), chai tea, etc. or a combination of them.

Place into the Emulsionizer® FILTER a mix of any hard grains like mustard seeds, black pepper, cardamom, sesame… roots like ginger, turmeric…. the stems/branches you would normally discard of parsley, celery, basil, rosemary or any edible plant…the stalks of leeks, onions, cabbage that you would normally throw away….and/or a whole chilly, roasted peanuts in their shells, or any edible seedy or fibrous element that you wish to emulsify.

Key Note: Make sure that the ingredients placed in the filter are covered by the liquid (or combination of liquids) that you poured in the jar.

Insert the hand blender and emulsify for 1 to 2 minutes. Lift the filter over the emulsion you just made, insert the mortar and gently squeeze the mixture inside into the jar.

Uses: Depending on the disc that you use you will get a thinner or thicker emulsion while attending to the ingredients that you use, the emulsion might be similar to a vinaigrette perfect to dress a salad, any other food or to be used as a marinade.

You can also use it to stir fry, sauté or if you want to thicken it getting a sauce, just cook it until you reduce it.

cooker servirng a sauce from emulsionizer jar to a sauce staff

Trick: Instead of using the Emulsionizer® glass jar, you can also place the Emulsionizer filter directly into the cooking pot or saucepan in which you intend to make the emulsion, or in which you are boiling vegs, cooking your stew, soup, etc.

As we will explain on the next chapter, the flavors of the ingredients you have placed in the Emulsionizer will be intensified thanks to the centrifugal emulsion whilst the unpalatable residues will be separated and filtered.