Seeds for baby food

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts & seeds should not be given to children under the age of 5, as they could choke on them.

However, according to most pediatric nutritionists, they are so healthy (monounsaturated fats, vitamins, amino acids, etc) that in an ideal world they should be included in the diets of babies from around 6 months old in a crushed, ground, or butter form.

Thanks to Emulsionizer®, now you can give to your baby all the essence of raw nuts and seeds in a radically different way.

Threads, Particles and Food Pieces

Some babies eat almost anything, easily and enthusiastically, while others, much to the desperation and agony of their parents, are extremely picky.

There are many reasons for this that Emulsionizer® will obviously not be able to solve, however, there is an important one where it can help:

Many babies (and even older kids) will not eat a homemade soup or cream if it contains threads, big lumps, or chunks of food. Emulsionizer® is the perfect colander to avoid this type of situations. You just need to understand when and how to use it.

Emusion Baby Food

Key Note: If the liquid in the jar or pot is too thick (like a puree, for instance), you will not be able to emulsify anything in it. This is why you need to emulsify your ingredients in a light liquid first, and only then use this emulsion as the base to make your cream or puree.

Babyfood plant milk

Kid Milks

Lactose & gluten intolerance has become a plague, with regions like Asia where lactose intolerance affects 90% of population (world average is around 70%).

Amazingly, many people suffer from stomach-ache, skin eruptions, cramps, nausea, diarrhoea, etc. but have no idea that these symptoms are due to these intolerances.

And if they do find out, they tend to start buying expensive packaged plant milks, nutritiously very poor because the ultra-pasteurizing process kills almost all nutrients.

On the opposite side, fresh homemade plant milk can only last 5 days in the fridge, but are as nutritious as the seeds and nuts you have used to make them.

With Emulsionizer® you can make perfect plant milk from nuts, oats, soy, or any type of seeds and easily recycle the leftover pulp into delicious dishes, vegetarian pates, or even homemade chocolate cream.

Thousands of mothers use our invention to make plant milks for their children disguised as a cocoa drink (they love it!), and many parents emulsify plant milks with whole coffee beans for their own enjoyment.

Be sure that in few months you will enjoy Baby Food video recipes in our youtube channel! See you there!