Cold brew is another method that uses cold water with a much longer brewing time. It can be achieved by immersion (Cold Brew Coffee) or dripping it (Cold Drip Coffee).

This technique enhances different characteristics of the coffee (ideally coarsely ground), such as less acidity than if you use hot water, and a higher caffeine level.

It should be brewed either at room temperature or in a cold environment such as a fridge, for 8 to 24 hours. Once done, Cold Brew Coffee made with CBE can easily last over 10 days.

– Disc: Use the 100 micron disc with the text “0.1 Ground Coffee” engraved by laser.
– Amount of Coffee: depending on how strongh you like the coffee, you could use between 40 to 100 grams per 500 ml.


– If you want your COFFEE LESS FILTERED and more intense, use only the 0.1 disc.
– If you want your COFFEE MORE FILTERED, place the 0.3 disc under the 0.1 disc. This way we perform a double filtering, in addition to ensuring that the 0.1 disc is perfectly airtight.

CBE is the result of years of exploration emulsifying all types of seeds & grains. All this research has led to a patent as invention specifically designed for the extraction of coffee, plant milks and the emulsion of other type of foods.

From the small Spanish company promoting this adventure, we want to thank Nacho Fernández for inspiring us, and the following Master Barista and Coffee Experts for their precious time & wise advice.

Marisa Baque

Marisa Baque

BB’s Café
Expert in Specialty Coffee

Alfredo Jimenez

Alfredo Jimenez

KafeART Donostia
Master Barista Trainer

Antxon & Iñigo Larzabal

Antxon & Iñigo Larzabal

Cafés Panchito
Coffee Roasters since 1914



Fumito Nakamura & Jun-ichi Kuranaga
Founded in Japan in 1921