Michael O’Neill, a cookware expert from UK, kindly advised us that ideally CBE should allow to grind the coffee beans.

So, we invented & developed a very simple accessory that in honour to Mr. O’Neill we baptized as “O’Grindy”.

How to use O’Grindy, The Smart Coffee Grinding

Look in your kitchen for any cylindric pot, mug or container which is not taller than 15cm. ( >hand blender stick) and a diameter of over 8cm (> hand blender head).



Pour the whole coffee beans into the pot. Fix O´grindy to the stick of your hand blender. Place the hand blender into the pot with the coffee beans. Push O’Grindy down to cover the pot.

The coarseness of the ground coffee will depend on the power of your hand blender and the amount of time you actually blend.

Nothing better than very short video to understand how easy is to grind coffee beans with O’Grindy!

*Note: For a professional calibrated coffee grinding use grinders like Kinu, Comandante, Baratza, etc.  Or ask to a Coffee Specialty shop to grind your coffee as you wish.

CBE is the result of years of exploration emulsifying all types of seeds & grains. All this research has led to a patent as invention specifically designed for the extraction of coffee, plant milks and the emulsion of other type of foods.

From the small Spanish company promoting this adventure, we want to thank Nacho Fernández for inspiring us, and the following Master Barista and Coffee Experts for their precious time & wise advice.

Marisa Baque

Marisa Baque

BB’s Café
Expert in Specialty Coffee

Alfredo Jimenez

Alfredo Jimenez

KafeART Donostia
Master Barista Trainer

Antxon & Iñigo Larzabal

Antxon & Iñigo Larzabal

Cafés Panchito
Coffee Roasters since 1914



Fumito Nakamura & Jun-ichi Kuranaga
Founded in Japan in 1921