CBE Essence coffee brewer

CBE Essence coffee brewer


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In stock

In stock

CBE Essence achieves the same functionalities than the main CBE but does not include the Pour Over accessory (HARIO V60).

It consists of:

  • Screwable plastic filter with stainless steel mesh
  • 3 interchangeable stainless-steel discs (blind; 0,1mm; 0,3mm)
  • Plastic mortar
  • Borosilicate heat resistant jar & bamboo lid.
  • Recipe QR



1  Tool , 3 Extraction Systems

SYSTEM 1: IMMERSION (French Press)
SYSTEM 2: CBE (Coffee Brewing Explorer)

COFFEE GRINDING: Depending on the extraction system used, the coffee grind level should be adjusted according to the suggestions in the photo image.

O’GRINDY ACCESSORY: In combination with a domestic hand blender and any container with a diameter of more than 8 cm and a height of less than 15 cm, you can use the O’Grindy accessory to grind your coffee beans to the granulometry of your choice. Watch Video.


HOT WATER: The maximum recommended temperature is 92º (Celsius).

INTERCHANGEABLE DISCS: They are made of AISI 304 steel.

  • The 0.1 (100 micron) disc with the inscription “GROUND COFFEE” is for the extraction methods “Immersion” (System 1) and “Cold Brew” (System 4).
  • The 0.3 (300 micron) disc with the inscription “OATS COFFEE BEANS NUTS” is for the “CBE” extraction system (System 3) using coffee beans or ground coffee.
  • The “blind” disc without micro-perforation is used for the preparation of tea following the steps of Immersion System 1.


Lechecazuela Copia

The CBE ESSENCE filter can be used in any cooking vessel.
Using a taller and narrower container favors filtering. The water should always cover all the ingredients used. We can also add the raw materials little by little as we emulsify with the hand blender.

CBE ESSENCE has 3 years Warranty.


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