CBE Disc Kit

CBE Disc Kit


In stock

In stock

In stock

Interchangeable discs replacement which fits perfectly in the CBE filter.

Each disc has different sized perforations to play with the variety coffee making systems.

The stainless steel discs will last you a lifetime, but if you lose one, don’t worry, you have this spare part.

The Disc Kit includes:

  • 3 interchangeable stainless steel discs:
    • blind (valid for all systems)
    • 0,1mm (immersion and cold brew systems)
    • 0,3mm (cbe coffee bean emulsion system)



They are made of AISI 304 steel.

  • The 0.1 (100 micron) disc with the inscription “GROUND COFFEE” is for the extraction methods “Immersion”  and “Cold Brew” .
  • The 0.3 (300 micron) disc with the inscription “OATS COFFEE BEANS NUTS” is for the “CBE” extraction system  using coffee beans or ground coffee.
  • The “blind” disc without micro-perforation is used for the preparation of tea following the steps of Immersion.

3 years warranty.


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